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TTMT #443 – Baskets & Tees


Because I forgot to mention it in the video, The Linus Connection meets 9-11 am on the third Saturday of every month at St. Philip’s in Round Rock, Texas. Get Directions.


11 thoughts on “TTMT #443 – Baskets & Tees

  1. Good luck getting everything done for Linus! (I’m sure you will, no luck needed — you seem like the power through type in general :D). And have fun!

    That Saving the World t-shirt is great – perfect for Linus!


  2. I’m so glad you had some family time this weekend. I know that, even though a tiring trip, was a boost to your spirit.

    If I were in Austin, I’d definitely bid on a basket or 5. Those should bring in a substantial amount for Linus. You do such a good job in organizing and packaging those baskets. I wish I’d had someone like you on my Board when I was a chapter coordinator for a non-profit.

    PS: Love my t-shirt! It was difficult to wait until today to wear it.


    1. Sometimes I just NEED to be able to give my kids a squeeze. My boy is so freaking busy (he’s like me in liking to do All The Things) that Sunday was the only day he was available for a month AND he skipped a rehearsal, so he wasn’t *really* available, just more than he might have been otherwise. ♥

      Ah, thank you! I love being able to contribute to Linus in this way. We aren’t able to do a raffle quilt every year (it’s a crazy amount of work beginning to end…) and this is a good boost to our income each year.

      Yay for t-shirt love! About to watch your video. 😀


  3. What amazing baskets! I’m sure you’re going to get some great bids with those. I also think it’s so great what you do sharing everything here and on Fandominstitches and Sewhooked. Thank you again for all that you do, we (and Linus) are very lucky to have you.

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  4. Your Rainbow is looking really great, and those baskets are so amazing! I wish I could be there to bid on a few things.

    Your tees are so fun. I need to order a shirt or two, my closet is getting sparse of fun shirts.

    I am so glad you all had some family time. That must have been nice for you.

    *glomps* just because


    1. I’m seriously considering bidding on a basket or two myself. The pre-cuts would make fantastic giveaways and gifts for friends!

      I need to send you a link to the other shirt I ordered. It came yesterday and it is so soft. And it FITS.

      I needed to see that kid. He’s so busy, we hardly get to talk. Usually it’s just proof of life messages.


  5. YOU are ADORABLE!!!

    Have I told you I’ve missed you lately? I know it’s totally my fault because of real life arse-kicking stuff, but *tackle glomps*

    Yay for family time! I’m glad you got to spend time with the whole unit together!

    I hope the Linus auction goes fantastic! However, with baskets like those, how can it not! Your dedication and your enthusiasm are well noted!! Here’s to having a few moments everyday to just breathe and be.

    *starts blocking out sections of 2018 for Sandbox time*


    1. Ah, shucks!

      I’ve missed you, too. We’ve both been silly busy and that makes it so hard to keep up. *glomps*

      Linus tomorrow. I. Am. Ready.

      2018 Sandbox. YES. We need to pick some dates so I can put it on my calendar!


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