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TTMT 10/17/17 – Cascades of Rainbows


6 thoughts on “TTMT 10/17/17 – Cascades of Rainbows

  1. There’s nothing better than coffee and sewing 🙂 Henry Ford would be very proud of the production line you’ve got going there with Rainbow Cascade- it’s amazing how much you got done! Thanks for a great video.


  2. You’ve got some great plans for the stockings and what fun birthday swap goodies!

    You are doing a great job with your chainpiecing. Maybe it would be easier for me to keep track of my fabrics and pieces if I did different colored blocks at the same time. As it is I can really only handle chainpiecing 2 blocks at a time. Also I just can’t handle doing all the cutting at once or all the ironing at once.


  3. Woo, Rainbow Cascade t-shirt! I’m so excited to see yours. ♥

    I’ve been thinking about making a second set of stockings for my kids for the same reason. The ones they have now I crocheted when they were babies! They always loved them because Santa could squish an awful lot into them.

    I’m so pleased to see your birthday goodies, so fun!

    I love how you’re chain piecing your blocks. Cutting also takes me the longest time. I have a scissor built in on my sewing machine, so I use it to cut between what would be the links in the chain. It saves a ton of time!


  4. I have the stockings don’t leave my house rule too. I don’t mind making a stocking for the kid’s house but I like to have one that stays here too.


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