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Dun dun done


4 thoughts on “Dun dun done

  1. Woo hoo for having crafty time! I know you feel like a weight has been lifted. When I first saw that spreadsheet, I thought it was a quilt pattern. A long skinny quilt but . . .

    Please let me know when your mom’s book is published. I thoroughly enjoyed her first ones.

    Congrats on the new nephew. Are you going to get to see him soon? Do you know the name yet?

    Happy crafty week!


  2. Woo, AMber made some stuff! Sparkly pillows are sparkly! Looking forward to seeing more from you as winter advances and you are trapped in your house. Make sure to stock up and supplies!


  3. Love the pillows. If there is any scraps left over maybe make your Mom some coasters or a mug rug?

    Congrats on the new nephew! A new baby in the family is an exciting time.

    It’s nice that your family is close. I think DNA testing is intriguing. Our family is very “muddy” and it would be interesting to see how we all relate to each other. Too bad we don’t all talk lol.


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