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TTMT#15-Jane Stickle and workshop




6 thoughts on “TTMT#15-Jane Stickle and workshop

  1. He looks quite content with his “new” quilt. I’m glad you got that done for him.
    I have heard of the Dear Jane quilt but didn’t know anything about the woman who first made it. I looked at it and considered joining a Dear Jane group a few years back, but decided it was too complex and I would probably lose interest about a quarter of the way through.
    Here’s hoping for a very sewy week for you!!!!


  2. Looks like your son survived the woobie’s reconstruction.
    I had seen that Jane quilt online but hadn’t read the history of it, that’s really interesting and such a labor of love.
    I hope you get a chance to sew soon. I generally forego cleaning in favor of sewing, so I live in a pigsty, but I’m starting to think it’s really time to do some serious cleaning around here.


  3. I’ve seen several blog qal for the Dear Jane quilt. I thought about joining but then I came to my senses lol. I know I would never get past block 5. It is a beautiful quilt.

    I am ignoring housework today. There – I said it. lol

    Boys and their blankets. My boys are more picky about there handmade quilts than my daughter. They don’t like change very much.


  4. I am very familiar with the Dear Jane quilt. It’s super popular here and I’ve seen many, many beautiful versions of it. How wonderful that you got to see the original!

    Isn’t it amazing what a difference taking a class can make? I’ve learned so much from my fellow quilters over the years. 🙂

    Your kiddo looks as thrilled as mine does when I take his photo!


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