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TTMT – No video this week :(

I’ve been busy this week but have nothing finished to show so I’ll save it for next week.

I did receive birthday fabric and cards from Vicky and Laura and will show them off next week.  They are wonderful.  Laura, that Christmas fabric will look great as the border for my Merry QAL quilt and possible the sashing!  Vicky, you will definitely see some bibs and maybe some burp cloths made from the baby fabric.  Thank you ladies!

I decided to make my rainbow cascade in a slightly different way.  Instead of sewing one block at a time, I’m chain-stitching all the blocks at once.  I have all the Section A and Section B pieces for the 20 blocks sewn and pressed and ready to trim.  I hope to get the Section C pieces done this week and then I can start trimming and putting the blocks together.  I will trim and sew one block at a time.

I’ve also started making a self-binding receiving blanket and will have it finished probably tonight or tomorrow.

Gee, I even ramble when I type instead of talk.  Anyway, see you next week!



6 thoughts on “TTMT – No video this week :(

  1. I am impressed that you can work on all the blocks at once. My brain can only handle chainpiecing a couple blocks at a time. If it’s all the same fabrics I find it easier, but when they are all different from block to block I have trouble keeping them straight.


    1. I’m pretty organized with my chain piecing. I set up my fabric so that I chain piece by block – all pieces for block 1 are done together followed by block 2, etc. Then when I have finished one section, I snip the connecting thread between each block. So I still have the sections for each block connected. So when I’m ready to trim them and sew the sections together, I pull up one block at a time an then cut the connecting threads and complete them one block at a time. I probably didn’t explain that well, but it works for me.


  2. I love your rambling lol. I love chain piecing but like Jewells I think I would end up confusing myself even more than usual.


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