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TTMT # 12 Halloween Hexies Oct. 10, 2017


7 thoughts on “TTMT # 12 Halloween Hexies Oct. 10, 2017

    1. Thanks! I have zero tables lol. I am going to use my test run as a wall hanging and the rest went into my shop. I just can’t make one of something.


  1. Those table toppers are really cute! The Halloween fabrics are perfect because the toppers are sort of spiderweb shaped. Very nice!
    I would say you have had a very busy week, but you always seem to have a very busy week.

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    1. Thank you! I try to stay busy. I don’t feel comfortable just sitting and not doing something with my hands. Due to a neck injury I’m not able to work so I have plenty of time during the day to fill.


  2. I wish I were able to produce as much as you did this week. Love the table toppers and it’s amazing how different they look even though they were from the same jelly roll. Very clever!


  3. Cute table toppers! Looks like a fun line of fabric.

    The Hexie ornaments are cute. I had seen people making things for that ornament thing but didn’t really pay too much attention. The acorns this past week have been cute, but it does look like a lot of work.


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