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TTMT on a Tuesday

5 thoughts on “TTMT on a Tuesday

  1. The dolls are an interesting idea. It sounds like reception is more like preschool and Year 1 is more like Kindergarten. Miss P had Reading homework and things like that for Kindergarten. Pre-K was more learning how to share and get along with others without your parents around. I love that your daughter has a favorite artistic style.

    You have so many projects going on, I don’t know how you remember which ones you have going. I have a hard time working on more than one thing at a time.


  2. I love the dolls!!! What a great way to solve the dilemma! Hannah is a very lucky little girl to have you to show creative thinking. And I agree with Julia that it is great that she already has a favorite artistic style.

    I just re-watched the end of GOT Season 3 so I can remind myself of what you talked about. And I must say, that was great. All of the seasons from here out have an OMG ending!


    1. I did find the murder of rob starks wife really quite brutal I expect it was cause of the baby. Thank you for your comment on the doll, fingers crossed it helps. Can’t wait for season 4 as I know that goffrey gets it and I hate him with a passion x


  3. I really like your top – super cute.

    Oh that doll is pretty adorable! Hopefully this doll idea will work for your daughter.

    That episode of GoT was rough. (As so many are, but yes. That one in particular.)


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