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TTMT #442 – Meet Me in November

So much to talk about: Rainbow Cascade…Meet me in November… New swap in 2018… ♥




9 thoughts on “TTMT #442 – Meet Me in November

  1. I like those cards. I have a feeling I might have to try that. I hope Amelia has a great birthday!

    Loving the Rainbow Cascade! I’m taking a slightly different approach, but I think I’ll be done with it about the time everyone else is.

    The Narwhal is adorable.

    You are a busy young lady! Have fun with that silent auction. Sounds like you have a lot of good stuff!

    Wish I could join you in Houston; I may have to start buying some lottery tickets.


    1. Thanks! The cards have been so fun to make!

      I’m so pleased you’re Rainbowing along. It’s been such a fun QAL so far!

      Busy seems to be the way of it, but I really do like it that way. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wasn’t busy!

      We need a TTMT meetup. It’s still on my mind, maybe a retreat or something…one of these days!!


  2. The embroidered cards are really cute… that birthday one especially.

    I didn’t know you didn’t know what what a narwhal is! It’s the unicorn of the sea! It feels like everyone should know what it is 😀 It does sound made up though, does’t it?


  3. All I remember about the narwhal is that they think that’s what sailors saw that led to legends of mermaids. Although those sailors must have been pretty, pretty drunk, lol. Anyway the pattern is totally adorable. Maybe eventually you’ll have a bunch a sea animals to go with the turtle!

    Yep, it was the birthday after you bought your embroidery machine. That was the “all embroidery goodies” birthday package. I do tend to go with themes, don’t I, lol.

    You’ve got some amazing stuff for the auction this year. I bet it’s going to make y’all a ton of money for supplies and such.


    1. Ha, interesting! I thought those were manatees. I know a new translation of some old texts about rhinos has all but proved that’s where the idea of the Unicorn came from. 😛

      The birthday after I bought the machine was right around when all my horrible foot stuff started, so I guess it’s not too huge of a surprise that I forgot about them. Nothing wrong with a good theme, I’m a fan!

      The piles of stuff in my garage for the auction are unbelievable. We doubled our previous record for fundraising last year and I’m hoping we’ll do even better this year!


  4. I hope you all have a good time at the meet up. One of these days I will get to the International Quilt Show because it’s definitely on my bucket list.


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