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TTMT #241 – jewells68 – October 10, 2017 – Musings and not so crafty

Not really anything to show right now. Hopefully more show and less tell next week.


10 thoughts on “TTMT #241 – jewells68 – October 10, 2017 – Musings and not so crafty

  1. You I’m glad you are ready to start quilting the turtle quilt. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    I have no doubt you will come up with something amazing for Linus and your costume. You are one of the most creative people I know and that’s saying something because I know a LOT of creative people.


    1. Doing some hand sewing tonight for that coworker that cut my hair this summer. I tried to machine sew her mending on her pants and it nearly broke my sewing machine. SO I’m mending her seams tonight while I watch TTMT videos. Tomorrow I’ll start thinking of Linus and/or decide maybe to skip this month. We shall see. And you are too kind! *blushes*


  2. It’s going to be exciting to see the turtle quilt come together. It’s so cute and there’s lot of things you can do with it, quilting-wise.

    I had to laugh at your beginnings of the next cascade blocks… I wasn’t expecting those little corner squares 😀


    1. I have all the A sections done, and am partway through the B sections. There’s only 3 sections but you make 4 of each section. And I’m doing 2 blocks at once so it’s really 8 of each, lol.

      I need to baste that darn quilt. Maybe tomorrow I can take it to work. I’m not up to crawling on the floor right now.


  3. Some months time just slips away from us. Good thing there are many quick and simple baby/kid quilts. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this here before but this is my favorite I need a quilt right now go to pattern:

    Even quicker if it’s quilt as you go. I like how quick and easy it is but my favorite part is that you can show off some fun fabrics.


    1. My fastest “quilt” is to use fleece for the back and quilt as you go random strips to it. Trim it up and bind and you are done. That’s probably what I will do, but the link you included is good if you have a decent amount of fabric lying around. Most of mine are not WoF, but I do have some. QAYG is awesome for Linus quilts.


  4. I already know you’re plowing ahead on something for Linus. Go you!

    Make whatever Rainbow size works for you. It could be a stand by baby top for more potential babies…

    I’m always excited to see what kind of crazy cool costume you come up with. ♥


    1. I just need to add a final strip of fabric and I’ll be ready to do a little more quilting and then trim and bind.Yay for QAYG on fleece!

      I just can’t decide. I would love a bigger quilt, but it has so many pieces I feel like I’m going to need to quilt it a lot, and if I do I will not want it to be giant… unless I have a frame by the time I’m done with the top. I don’t think there are going to be any more NEW family babies anytime soon. But I still have my step-greatniece and nephew I’d like to make one each for. I will decide when I get there, lol.

      I have decided to look for matching color tee/sweats/leggings and whatever color I find in my size will determine what animal I become. Sort of like animal roulette, lol.

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    1. Ghostbuster was fun for Zooboo last year, the kids really loved it. Unfortunately the black craft foam boot covers I made caused my legs to break out in hives due to staying so warm under there all day (it’s a chronic condition I have and different things trigger it, apparently this was one of them). So I have to do some reworking on that costume. Due to some reasons I’ll go into in my video no shopping can be done until at least Wednesday evening of this week. Hopefully I’m able to slap something together in time, otherwise it looks like I’ll be 30th reunion Hogwarts student again.


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