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Hullo my friends,

It has been 5 weeks since my last video. I will be catching up with everyone videos and commenting soon.

In my video I promised some links. I will link those up as soon as I can.

As I am typing this, we are right in the middle of a hurricane Sifiso.

There is so much damage, and it is still going on. All the schools have closed and most of the businesses. We have been sent home, but our way home is blocked, and might have to sleep at the office tonight.  We will see how it goes later.


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  1. Vanda, you have gotten so much done. The baby quilt is precious and that dolphin fabric is perfect for it. You amaze with me with your ability to focus on a deadline with everything you have had going on. Hang in there. You are doing good work. I hope the t-shirt quilt will help you. It will be hard but it will be a good thing to do for your family. Many hugs to you my dear and know we are thinking of you.


  2. Stay safe, my friend. I hope and pray that all is okay at your home and your office.

    The baby quilt is adorable and that dolphin fabric on the back just sets it off! That dolphin fabric would also make cute curtains or sheets for a nursery.

    I love the blocks you’ve done for the Merry QAL. I’m afraid I’m way behind on that, along with everything else.

    The t-shirt quilt is a lovely gift for your family, and I hope it will prove to be therapeutic for you as well. Love you!!!!


  3. Your Christmas blocks are really lovely. I think my favourite might still be that snowflake behind you in the video. So pretty.

    The Star Wars block looks really great. I haven’t seen any of it so I don’t know who that is either, but it looks really fantastic.

    Oh that Christmas row is really great too. You’re so creative, Vanda!

    I don’t think that giant dolphin could be used for much other than a quilt back! That’s enormous. The quilt looks really great – just simple and bright and fun and nice.

    Grief kind of moves at it’s own pace, especially with such a shock as that. Give yourself time to process everything and try to take care of yourself in the meantime.


  4. I hope you’re staying safe. Hurricane winds and rain are dangerous.

    All your Christmas blocks and rows look amazing. It’s fun to see them all quilted up before they’re sewn into a quilt top. Normally we have to wait so long to see how the blocks will look quilted.


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