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TTMT 10-4-17: Late Again

Sorry for the length of this post.  A bit rambly!


9 thoughts on “TTMT 10-4-17: Late Again

  1. What a great method for getting those blocks done. They should go together in no time. I’m also glad to hear that your cousin’s surgery went well.


  2. I have been chain piecing each of the quadrants in a single block. I don’t know if my brain could handle doing it for multiple blocks, although I definitely see the benefit.

    My experience with glue dots is that they are intended for permanent sticking. Sorry you had to find out this way. It stinks when you have to do stuff over again. I use washable school glue sticks, either clear or white, that say they dry clear. just a little dab on your starter piece usually does the trick.

    Glad the surgery went ok, Looks like a good turnout at the run too. What a fun idea to spray your hair teal!


  3. We never need excuses to make more Harry Potter quilts!

    Oh, no! When you said you were frustrated about your blocks, I didn’t realize. Darn glue dots! I’m so glad you found that chain piecing works better for you. Can’t wait to see your blocks. ♥

    Thinking good thoughts for a quick recovery for your cousin.

    I’m in the same place as you as far as one disaster after another goes. My brain has been on overload.


    1. The glue dots may have turned out to be one of those “happy little accidents.” I think 2 of the 4 blocks I’ve made will become totes. I don’t think the little dot circles will be as noticeable on that. In fact, I may make 2 totes or one large shopping bag.


  4. Ah-ha, we may have an orange convert in our midst. 🙂 Come to the orange side, we have cookies!

    You’re a very patient and caring cousin. I hope she does well with her recovery – I’ve known lots of people who have had knee replacements and though the recovery takes some time it always seems to be a huge help to have it done.

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    1. Cookies? Did you say cookies? Truth be told I don’t really dislike any color, I’m just not as drawn to orange as I am to blues and reds and yellows, so I usually just get it when I need it for a specific quilt and rarely just pick up an orange fat quarter or yardage.

      She has been warned that it will take at least a couple of months and physical therapy but she is encouraged that it is already not hurting as much as it was before the surgery.


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