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TTMT # 11 September recap


14 thoughts on “TTMT # 11 September recap

  1. I like the way you do your monthly updates. The skeleton is really fun. Have you thought about quilting it with glow in the dark thread? I’m kind of obsessed with all things that glow in the dark, and have been wanting to do a glow quilt. That is a fun jelly roll too. And a rainbow jelly roll would actually be perfect for doing the rainbow cascade because you wouldn’t need to pre-cut your fabrics. Jelly rolls and other precuts are funto use.

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    1. Thank you! I have thought about using glow in the dark thread for the quilting. I believe I have some in stash and if I do then I most definitely will.


    1. Thank you! I like to have a variety of projects to work on. I try not to have two of the same thing though (like a knit hat) because there’s no variety then.

      You won’t have to wait too long because I tore that jelly roll apart and made a couple things this week 😉


  2. I love the halloween projects, how cute and clever to turn those legs into the straps! I also think that Jewell’s idea about the glow in the dark thread could be very cute for the skeleton.

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  3. I love anything glow in the dark so it’s almost a definite that it will be quilted with glow thread. Maybe I’ll start a new trend and have glow in the dark Christmas projects HaHaHa.


  4. like everyone else I love the Halloween bag and the skeleton quilt they are very very cute. I love the style of your WIP parade , i watch alot of flosstube videos and they do that , its a great idea. xx


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