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TTMT: 03 October 2017

In which I show a finished quilt top, a quilt I’m quilting, a finished pouch, and some quilt blocks, including an amazing new pattern by Jennifer. (The pattern will be available free at beginning October 6, 2017.)

The black and crossweave quilt is made using Sew Mama Sew’s Modern Block of the Month from a few years ago.

Here is a tutorial for the quilt as you go Herringbone quilt, though I made mine quite a bit larger.

Also, I forgot to mention it, but another of my birthday fat quarters arrived from Laura! I should have put it in my sewing room so that I’d remember to show what she sent. I’m still waiting on three of them, but I know Vicky’s is en route!


7 thoughts on “TTMT: 03 October 2017

  1. If you hear about anyone collecting quilts for Florida, Vegas, etc, can you tag me or send the info my way? I’ve been asked by a number of people and I’m happy to share.

    The Sew Mama Sew top is lovely. I always enjoy your fabric selections. You always have stuff I’ve never seen!

    Oh, I had forgotten about the floral chevron. It is very pretty.

    Hehe, I adore how excited you were to make your request! A narwhal was SUCH a good idea. I had a blast sketching and tweaking and I will keep thanking you!


    1. I mostly see things on Instagram but haven’t seen anything yet. Which is kind of surprising. I’ve been keeping an eye on the modern quilt guilds in the areas but nobody has posted anything. Maybe people are too overwhelmed. It’s been a real rough patch, to say the least.

      I don’t know if Moda even makes those crossweaves any more… I really don’t like them! I prefer the shot cottons from…. FreeSpirit (Is that who Kaffe Fassett is with?). These ones have a chunkier thread and they don’t have the shimmery quality that the FreeSpirit ones have. (If you’ve seen those.) Anyway, that Sew Mama Sew top was a fun one to pull out of the closet… I’d forgotten about it! That little blue and brown quilt I finished a while back was made using one of the Sew Mama Sew block patterns.

      I’m in love with the narwhal 😀 I’m trying to think of a way to make a quilt using it, but that doesn’t use too many because I don’t want to have to piece eleventy-one of them (and also they’d lose their specialness being too many in one place, I think). I’ve been thinking about adding triangles around it twice (once that would put it on point and then again to take it back to square) so that they’d be much larger blocks. But then I feel like I need other ocean animals too and there’s none of them I care about enough to make requests about.) (Like I need another project…. haha.)


  2. Wow, this video is chock full of stuff. All these tragedies are the perfect impetus to get these old tops out of our stash and into the machine and turned into quilts, so they can be put into the hands of people who need comfort. And there are so many people right now that need comfort. It’s overwhelming the devastation all over.

    The herringbone quilt is wonderful. I checked out the tutorial. That would be a good use of scraps and would make a pretty quick linus quilt too. I might have to try that.

    A narwhal! That is amazing. And honestly since it IS a narwhal, I would think maybe a quilt that is a whole lot of blue oceany with just the one narwhal down in one corner and maybe a ship a ways away from it, could be a complete quilt. Just a big ocean of a quilt with a lone ship and a lone narwhal.


  3. You have got your hands full of things to be made by Saturday. You can do it!!! The herringbone quilt is gorgeous! If your mom decides she doesn’t want it, you can adopt me as a second mom. The modern quilt top is also beautiful. The 2 1/2 inch strips almost give the top a quilted look before it’s even quilted (does that make sense?).

    And the narwhal – adorable. I can see an under the sea quilt with a narwhal family and sea turtles.

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