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TTMT#13 9/27/17 I’m back!


Oh, by the way I may have won a ribbon at Quiltfest.IMG_0001


8 thoughts on “TTMT#13 9/27/17 I’m back!

  1. If you really want to quilt just pick a wall hanging or placemat or something like that and go for it. I eventually want to get a mid-arm and adjustable size frame, but for now my set up works. I would never attempt more than a twin on it I think.

    I have only watched the very first episode of Outlander. You did a great job on that pattern, and what I like about it is it’s beautiful even if you don’t know what it’s from. It’s just a lovely picture on its own.

    Congratulations on the ribbon, it’s a stunning quilt!

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    1. Thanks Julia. I know it’s that I need to practice to feel more confident. I liked playing with the Sweet 16 Simple at the show. I think I’d like having the handlebars vs moving the quilt itself.


  2. Before I bought my Grace frame, I quilted almost all of my quilts on my home sewing machine. There are some really good classes online for quilting on a home machine. If your local shop has a home sewing machine quilting class, that is also a huge help. Just learning how to deal with the bulk of the quilt and getting your tension right makes a huge difference. I started with a Free Motion class at a local quilt store and went from there!

    Your Outlander block is great! I can’t wait to see where you go with your blocks.

    Congrats on your winning quilt, it’s well deserved!

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  3. Thanks Jen. Where we live in Vermont the closest shops are an hour away. It’s just a matter of making it work, but I think I’m definitely a visual learner and seeing it in action and asking questions would be beneficial. Practice, of course, is the other way to learn.


  4. Welcome back!

    No wonder you won a ribbon for that quilt – it’s gorgeous!

    Funny about the Curves job! Nice that it worked out that way, and that you can do it again if they have a need, but don’t have to if you don’t want to.

    So my suggestion for learning to be more comfortable with quilting, if you’re a visual learner but don’t have the option for in person learning, is a Craftsy class or something similar. My absolute favourite for FMQ was Free Motion Quilting Essentials with Christina Camelli – it’s all step by step learning and if you follow along with her it’ll give you a lot more confidence and a bunch of finished quilted blocks. She does it with small pieces (which can be used with some quilt as you go techniques) and doing it on a big quilt is always the harder thing.

    But, listening to that section a second time, I feel like you were maybe asking more about the set up for quilting. If I’m doing something quite large, I usually sit on a giant pile of quilt books (seriously) to lift me up high enough that I don’t have to reach my arms up – my machine sits on a kitchen table, so it’s definitely too high – and then I have a couple rubbermaid containers that I keep my feet on so that I can still reach the foot pedal. Ultimately though I want to get a drop down table since I think that would make it soooo much easier, physically. Because it’s available in my home city, I think I might get a SewEzi table. I need to have some spare cash, though, and haven’t had just yet! One of these days…

    That Outlander quilt block is amazing! The fabrics look PERFECT.


  5. Oh I meant to finish that talking about Craftsy classes. For walking foot, my best suggestion would be Creative Quilting with Your Walking Foot with Jacquie Gering – good with quilts big and small (and easier, let’s be honest, than FMQ). And for techniques for dealing with large quilts, Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine with Ann Petersen. She’s not my favourite teacher, but for techniques, I don’t think anyone else has half as much information. (She does a lot of ditch quilting before FMQ, which I don’t do because I don’t like working with the invisible thread and it seems like so much extra work, but I can’t really argue with her results.)


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