TTMT Video

TTMT a bit of fabric and PPV.

Sorry guys no fancy editing today , feeling a little under the weather so just wanted to post something.

Happy crafting


7 thoughts on “TTMT a bit of fabric and PPV.

  1. Oooh the cream looks so beautiful with the red and green. That is a really lovely fabric line, even if you are like me and don’t do any xmas crafting it would be gorgeous used in any pattern really.

    I love the Halloween stitch. I am really wanting to make a quilt with my stash of halloween fabrics. That might have to take precedence over making myself a new costume this year.

    That HP jersey is so fun. If I could make a tee I would totally make a tee from it. I’ve never had a ravenclaw t and have been wanting to buy/stencil one. The smaller print would be good for leggings or a skirt.

    Love your PPV blocks, that is really lovely with the black bg.


  2. I love the HP fabric! The large Ravenclaw print would make a great tee or the back of a jacket.

    The Robert Kaufman fabric is lovely. That will make a wonderful Christmas quilt.

    Your PPV blocks are wonderful. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

    Meanwhile, get better and take care of yourself.


  3. I love Halloween cross stitch designs it just takes me forever to stitch.

    I hope you feel better real soon. Happy Birthday to your son.

    The HP fabric is wonderful. I like the Ravenclaw t-shirt fabric but it might be hard to find matching fabric.


  4. I love the HP fabric and the Halloween designs! Halloween and Christmas are my favorites and I can’t help but want to buy all the fabric and projects I can.


  5. You’re a brave, brave woman working with little ones!

    Yay for PPV coming back to visit! Your colors continue to be lovely.

    Love the Christmas fabric you ended up buying.

    Here’s to lots of lovely working electronics in future!


  6. Hope you’re feeling better now! You look so much like you need to be in bed instead of making a video 😀

    I like that first PPV block too… with creative things sometimes mistakes lead to great things.

    That Christmas quilt will turn out really pretty I think – good choice for the background.


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