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TTMT #81


4 thoughts on “TTMT #81

  1. I mailed mine a week ago today, so it might be in your apt office waiting for you. Let me know if you don’t get it and I’ll mail another one.

    How nice to get the new printer and everything. I’ve been out of ink for months now so I really need to get to Staples. It’s the only place that carries it for my printer anymore.

    Work sounds as crazy or crazier than mine. hang in there and make sure you take some time for yourself.

    Looking forward to seeing the baby pod!


  2. Whew, I do hope work settles down so you can have less to worry about!

    I’m so pleased you like the fabric. I know you can’t have a real cat, so you had to have cat fabric!

    I love your Rainbow Cascade fabric. It’s going to be so different!


  3. Ugh… audits/inspections are the worst. I hope things have gone better (if you’ve had a new inspection since?) and you can relax a little!

    Happy Birthday again! Enjoy all your pretty new fabrics!


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