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TTMT #10 A couple finishes this week 09-26-17


11 thoughts on “TTMT #10 A couple finishes this week 09-26-17

  1. We had a pretty bad flood here (not Houston bad, but pretty bad) some years ago (4 or 5) and there’s still things being fixed and cleaned up. It’s rough for sure… I can’t imagine how tough things will be in Florida and Texas and Puerto Rico etc. and for how long.

    I like knitted/crocheted dishcloths quite a bit. We’ve only got really old ones now but sometimes my sister gets them from a co-worker of hers. The socks look great!

    Lilo and Stitch ears are cute!

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    1. I watched the Mayor/Governor/Whomever from Puerto Rico on the news last night. She was so devastated about her country she was actually crying during the interview. She said it will take years for them to recover. This has been a terrible year for natural disasters. I have seen more people coming together and helping than I have ever seen in the past though.

      I love knitting dishcloths because it really doesn’t matter if they are perfect. It’s not a hat or a sweater so most any size is fine. I like to use a microfiber cloth for dishes but I used the hand knit ones for years at one point.

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  2. Glad your not to damaged , although some repairs can be a pain.

    Your socks look great and the dishcloths.

    Ears and scrap blocks are adorable.



  3. I was glad to hear things weren’t quite as bad in your area. I know so many folks were completely devastated.

    I watched your video about how to do the register tape scrap strips and am looking forward to trying it. I might even make a border for the turtles with it using some of the same fabrics as are in the blocks. I actually did some additonally reading up on that method and apparently you don’t even have to remove the paper if you don’t want to because it dissolves in the wash. Apparently people used to foundation piece quilt blocks on newspaper and just left it attached when they sandwiched the quilt. Because it’s thinner paper it dissolves much easier than say printer paper. Seems like a fun thing to try.

    I love your examples for what to do with the scrap strips. Those will make fun quilts.

    Socks look great! I’ve been getting the itch to knit again, maybe this fall/winter I’ll make myself a new earwarmer or something. I can’t wear scarves/cowls, can’t stand anything anywhere near my neck.

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    1. Thanks! Sewing on the paper can be a bit fiddly at first but if you want you can just cut off 12-36″ of paper and work off that. It’s easier than quilting a king size quilt on a domestic machine lol . I know back in the old days they left the newspaper in their quilts because it added extra layers for warmth. I’m not sure how this paper would be inside a quilt. I’ve never left it in an washed the quilt so I don’t know how many washes it would take to dissolve. I do know when my kids leave receipts in their pants pockets the paper turns into little balls the try to clog the dryer vent lol. I guess it comes down to whether or not you care if the quilt is a little crinkly until the paper dissolves. If you had scraps of stabilizer you could do the same process and then it wouldn’t matter if it stayed in. Might be more work though.

      I have one cowl that I wear when the wind is whipping and it’s really cold for us. The cold wind bothers my asthma so I have to have something covering my mouth and nose when I go out. My next project will be fingerless gloves I think. My hands get cold during January.


  4. So glad you were spared the worst of the storm. Even so, I know that your area will be cleaning up for quite a while.

    Socks are so cute! You guys showing your knitting and crocheting makes me want to pick up the needles and hooks again, but I guess that is not in the cards for me. But I will enjoy living vicariously through you.

    Don’t you love it when a quilt back turns into a quilt top.

    The scrap blocks are great.

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    1. I like how portable knitting is. My eyes are usually too tired for hand embroidery or hand sewing at the end of the day but I can usually knit something simple. I know most days I don’t cut fabric or use my sewing machine after dinner because I tend to make too many simple mistakes. Unless I’m playing with scraps 😉 Those are no brainer projects. We’ll bring you over to the dark side eventually lol.


  5. I am glad your family weathered the storms okay. What a hurricane season.

    Yarn dishcloths are my favorites. I probably use two different ones every day because I love having a clean one out. 🙂

    Fun socks!

    I really like your X block. Really fun!

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