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TTMT #440 – Work Interrupted

In which my week is interrupted and I don’t get as much done as I’d hoped! I spent a good deal of time editing patterns last week, so not nearly as much time sewing as I would have liked.



10 thoughts on “TTMT #440 – Work Interrupted

  1. You have so many things going on ALL the time! So sometimes life says, that’s it! You need to back off for a little while to take care of yourself. When that happens, listen.

    As I’m trying to organize, I’m finding some pre-cut packs that I’ve acquired and will probably never use – mostly charm squares and jelly rolls. Would you like those for Sewhooked or FiS prizes or to give to Linus? If so, I’ll see what I can send.


  2. Glad you are feeling better, hope you are able to get all the things done! I’m loving the growth of your Cascade blocks behind you. Once I get my turtle quilt done I’ll be all about the cascade blocks too so mine can start multiplying behind me, too!


  3. It’s funny… I never noticed you had red yellow orange instead of the other way around. I actually think I like the look of it with the yellow before the orange… I think it sort of balanced the colours, somehow.

    That’s a pretty yarn you’re crocheting with.. very nice colour.

    Hope you’re feeling better now!


    1. I think I subconsciously liked red>yellow better, too, which is how it ended up that way. I still like that, but since I used Rainbow as part of the name, I’ll bow to the confusion and do what I can to correct it.

      The yarn is something I got as part of a gift when I was recovering from surgery last year. It’s nice to crochet a bit again!

      I’m feeling much better and am mostly caught up. Woo!


  4. he he I recognise that t shirt, cant believe that was a year ago… when are you coming back , Nottingham is nice to and we can pretend we are Robin Hood !

    Glad your feeling a bit better . I still haven’t decided what to put with my grey for Rainbow Cascade was thing Red but that might though out my red blocks … I don`t seem to be able to make decisions at the moment.

    Love the Crochet , with I could do that but alas someone tried to teach me and said I was to Octopus hands. Maybe I will get it at next years sewing retreat.

    Have a great week.


    1. I would happily play Robin Hood with you! 🙂

      Decision-making has been much harder for many on Rainbow Cascade than I expected. I hope once the decisions are made, the blocks will come fast and furiously!

      I learned to knit last year (barely!). Previous to that, I had been told I was hopeless by several people. I think being stuck in bed after surgery is the only way I was able to figure it out. I got bored!


  5. I have to keep all my yarn locked up tight. My adult cats love strings/yarn. I even have to cut strings off their toys because they chew on them and eat

    I haven’t heard of anyone collecting quilts in my tri-county area of Charlotte-Lee-Collier counties. I know there is still flooding south of us in Collier county with Immokalee being hit the hardest since they were flooded before Irma came through. We were hit with 2 tropical waves less than 2 weeks before Hurricane Irma slammed us and most areas were flooded for a few days. I saw on the news where someone or some company gave a teddy bear to every child in one of the schools. In my county alone we have over 100 schools and over 90,000 students. All but 3 schools have free breakfast and lunch for all the students because the majority of the students come from low income or poverty households. Right now there are so many displaced families that the big concern is food and diapers. People are cooking or buying meals and bringing them into the hard hit areas. Many homes are still without power and too many homes are unlivable. I’m sure the kids would love a quilt but I have no idea where they could be sent right now. It’s still in the mid 90’s most days with lots of humidity. No electric means no a/c. The houses are full of mold and nasty mud that’s dangerous to walk through. Maybe make and collect quilts so when you hear of a donation site you’ll have a huge shipment ready? I know Miami was hit hard but we don’t hear about what’s going on over there. Key West was another hard hit area. I know North Florida had damage and power loss but I don’t think they had the storm surge issue like South Florida.

    Well that was a big ramble. If I hear anything I will be sure to let you know.


    1. We do comfort and snuggle quilts, so not so much for keeping warm as for having something to cuddle. It’s still in the 90s most days here, so I totally get that. I did finally find a single shelter asking for comfort blankets for children, so I passed that information on to the several people who had contacted me.

      Everything you’re saying echoes what has been going on here. I had to explain to someone recently that just because it isn’t in the news anymore doesn’t mean people aren’t still affected. We have a lot of people who have been displaced and are still in shelters in our area. We were on the very outside edge of Harvey, so we got lots of wind and rain, but no serious damage.


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