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TTMT #239 – jewells68 – September 26, 2017 – And Yet More Turtles

Yep. More Turtles. 5 more turtles!



12 thoughts on “TTMT #239 – jewells68 – September 26, 2017 – And Yet More Turtles

  1. The turtles are great! Maybe you could do a border of some kind with some of your blues and greens and browns to use more of the scraps… like a 4 patch type thing or something… something you could use smaller pieces in anyway!


    1. SO yesterday afternoon Jennifer and I were chatting about it and she sent me several layouts featuring the # of turtles I already have made (10) incorporated with 9 patches, 4 patches, etc, making it kind of look like an irish chain or something. So I’m experimenting with that now. If I go that route I might not need a border at all, and definitely no sashing, so I might do a stop border of tan, but that’s it. I really like the idea although I already had the fabric pulled and patterns cut for 2 more turtles. Since they are too scrappy to really make them look like they are swimming around this would bring them all together.


  2. I love the turtles , and agree with Kristel , maybe a piano key boarder with your blues and greens. I need a scrap project as my bins are over flowing. xx


    1. I am playing around with some 4patches of greens and browns with the current # of turtles so who knows where I will end up! I kind of like the idea of the scrappy piano keys. If I do that I might try Robin’s method of piecing scraps onto adding machine paper to make the strips for the border. The last piano key border took forever. This might make it a slightly quicker project.


  3. I love the turtles! I’m surprised you haven’t made a dent in the blue scrap bin. It looks like alot of blue in the backgrounds. I like the idea of a tan sashing or stop border because it would look like sand either from the ocean floor or the beach.

    Sewing scraps to the adding machine tape is a whole faster and easier than the traditional piano key border. Mine always turns out wonky and curved no matter how careful I am sewing the fabric in twos and fours, etc. Then you can incorporate more greens than blues if you wish.

    No matter what you decide I know it’s going to be awesome. I might need to make an applique turtle quilt real soon. I’m not very good or patient with that style paper piecing.


  4. The blue, green, and brown bins were barely closeable. The blue too a good amount, nearly a fat quarter, and most of my scarps aren’t that big. That’s why I kept having to dump the entier bin onto my cutting table to peruse what I had left. If I do the scrappy strip border I can use a lot of those smaller pieces up that I wasn’t able to use in the quilt. If I do use that I’ll probably do a solid or very subtle tonal binding.

    The turtle pattern is no more difficult than your adding machine trick. Only 5 sections, and most of those have less than 6 pieces. Nothing too tiny. I can’t imagine doing it as a 5″ block though, that would intricate.


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