TTMT Video

TTMT #439 – A Week of Color!


In which I talk about the first week of Rainbow Cascade, some Linus stuff, including donations for kiddos affected Hurricane Harvey.





10 thoughts on “TTMT #439 – A Week of Color!

  1. I’m so glad there is such a good response to Rainbow Cascade because it is just such an amazing pattern!

    It was so wonderful to see all thosestacks of quilts going to Hurricane Victims. I love how great the crafty community is when it comes to supporting our communities.

    Gone was so adorable! Maybe a wheelbarrow or tree with the gnome, definitely a mushroom.


    1. I have been loving seeing everyone’s Rainbow blocks. It’s been absolutely fantastic. 🙂

      My gnome list is getting long! I can see it as being an ongoing project.

      I’ve heard from the other volunteers working on Harvey quilts & blankets that after we hit 1,000, another two hundred or so have come in. People can be awesome.


  2. So pleased that rainbow cascade is going well. I just asked to join the sewhooked group can’t believe I haven’t before know. I am waiting to start my blocks just going back and forth over colour, I have my grey just wondering what to put with it.

    I love Gnomey , is it bad that I would love fandom gnomes xxx


  3. Your Gnome is adorable. I love gnomes but I don’t think I’ve seen any in my area of Florida. How about a pink flamingo like in Gnomeo & Juliet?

    I think someone really make Mother Nature angry. Too many natural disasters lately.

    It’s wonderful that so many are joining in the rainbow cascade. I like seeing how different quilters interpret the same pattern.


  4. The cascade blocks really do look great. It’s a really neat pattern – almost like a gemstone.

    I got distracted part way through the video and had to go send in a suggestion on the suggestion box 😀


      1. Haha.. I had to come back and see what you were talking about that made me think of suggesting a narwhal for a pattern, and it was the gnome! Apparently gnomes make me think of arctic ocean animals? 😀


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