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We survived Hurricane Irma

I’m sorry I haven’t been here sooner to let y’all know we’re fine. I had a long list of places to check in and this group slipped past me.

Rotten Irma made landfall just South of us and made a horrible mess of things.  Thankfully our house had minimal damage compared to so many others. We lost some shingles, soffits, and some chunks from the outside of our wood frame house.  When the wind came through and tore out a couple panels of soffit outside the garage it managed to also tear out about a foot and half piece of drywall from the garage ceiling. I can see into the attic now.  Lol.

My neighbor on the left lost almost all of her wood fence in addition to the same issues we’ve had. My neighbor on my right side lost several trees and similar soffit and shingles issue.

The little driving I’ve done around town shows similar damage everywhere.  I’d say about 95% of the houses that have wood or plastic/vinyl fences have lost them.  I’ve seen fence posts and panels blown off before but this time many of the fence posts just snapped at ground level.  So many trees were blown down and many of them landed on cars and telephone wires.  Thankfully I haven’t seen any that landed on someone’s house.

We were without electricity for almost 5 full days.  Thankfully our kids were in an area that didn’t lose power so we stayed there. The majority of our city lost power and as of today there are still over 60,000 without power and that’s just in my city.  Our power is back on but the neighborhood across the way is still out and I feel guilty when I hear their generators running

We had lots of rain dumped on us but our neighborhood didn’t stay flooded for long.  It looks like we had a couple inches of water that came up to the house (and maybe a foot or so in the road) but didn’t come into the house. Some areas have water almost covering their mailboxes.

There’s a gas shortage and several of the grocery stores are either without power or have limited items.  I know our little walmart lost everything in the coolers and freezers and they’re running off generators.

Its weird to see so many national guard members here but they are doing amazing things   They are getting water and food into the severely flooded areas where people can’t get out.

I could go on and on  but I’ll stop here. I’m hoping and planning on having a video up for this next TTMT and I also need to catch up on what everyone else has been up to this past week or two.



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