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TTMT #438 – Taste the Rainbow!

You know what we need after the last few crazy weeks? A RAINBOW!



5 thoughts on “TTMT #438 – Taste the Rainbow!

  1. It has bee so wonderful to see the photos of all the packages coming in for Linus Connection for Harvey. Crafters are simply the most generous and lovely people that exist. 🙂

    I love Rainbow Cascade so much. I wish I could dive in more right now but must finish baby quilt first. I will probably be trying to get at least one block done every week, but just don’t know. Maybe I’ll just make one of each color first and then when I have room start putting them up on my design wall for a happy happy rainbow.


    1. I just talked to Anne and we’ve received a ton more quilts and blankets as of today. The generosity has been mind blowing!

      I love Rainbow Cascade, too. The timing feels serendipitous. We need a rainbow! Make what you can/want, and don’t let it stress you. ♥


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