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TTMT #237 – jewells68 – September 12, 2017 – Turtle Race

In which I show off a couple finished Linus quilts and cover my wall with turtles.


9 thoughts on “TTMT #237 – jewells68 – September 12, 2017 – Turtle Race

  1. The Linus quilts looked just great. I really like the experimental quilting on the candy quilt. The southwest one is stunning. What a fantastic use of orphan blocks!

    Yay for the new baby!

    I laughed when you said to not be impressed by having your block done today. You could have said you made it yesterday and I would not have contradicted you! ♥


    1. I decided to show a lot of the SW orphan quilt because I quilted each block a little differently. Every now and then I like a linus blanket so much I want to keep it. THe SW orphan quilt was one of those. I’m really wanting to do a good snuggle quilt for the sofa. Maybe one of my birthday blocks quilts will get done before the year is up.

      Ah well, I’m honest to a “t”, that’s why folks either love me or hate me, lol.


    1. Thanks! The orphan block quilt is my favorite of the two. I just took it one block at a time and quilted each one a little different based on what I thought might look good. Then in the border and sashing I did the one you call the loopy meander. That goes so quick, I think it’s my favorite for borders/sashing.


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