TTMT Video

TTMT with possible alien invasion


6 thoughts on “TTMT with possible alien invasion

  1. Wow, I got freaked out by that light after you pointed it out. I’d have something covering up that window so fast it’d make your head spin, lol!

    I’ve seen many Christmas quilts with a beige/ecru kind of fabric, maybe that wouldn’t be as stark as white?


  2. I really like the black PPV and I love the fabrics you bought for the xmas one. I looked up Robert Kaufman’s Winter Grandeur on Robert Kaufman’s website. I would look for something within that line with what he is calling the champagne colorway. There are several options and it would look smashing with your red and green. They have one in exactly the same print as the red and green ones you already have, and they have some others.

    You are so right about halloween. I’m really wanting to make myself a quick halloween quilt with some of the fabrics I already have.


  3. Time for curtains? (That blinking light would make me wonder about cameras or something! :D)

    If you wanted to stick with the same line for the background, I think I’d suggest this one – it blends together gold and silver and then you don’t have to struggle to find a matching gold or silver or whatever. (If you want to go plain, I think maybe cream might work well, if you want to avoid white. I always like stark white, but even without kids it can look dingy pretty quickly.)


  4. Your PPV blocks continue to be lovely. I’m so pleased you’re still at it. 🙂

    Oooh, PPV will be lovely as a Christmas quilt! Hmm. Maybe a white with a silver or gold swirl or similar for your background? That would continue your metallic and make it look very wintery. You could also go with a lovely dark blue with some sparkle on it. Even with your kiddos being around, a Christmas quilt won’t be out for much of they year.

    Super fun Halloween fabric. How cute!

    All videos are more interesting with aliens! The truth is out there. 😉


  5. I hadn’t thought about PPV as a Christmas quilt. Hmmmmm. Maybe I need to make a third PPV. Your PPV blocks are lovely!

    As for the other background, I like Jennifer’s idea of a swirly fabric in gold, silver or white/off-white.

    I’m hoping the aliens don’t abduct you so we can see you next Tuesday.


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