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TTMT: 06 September 2017

In which I show quilt blocks, new and old, some sheepish wall art, and share some of the Fat Quarters I’ve received from my fellow TTMTers, Jennifer, Julia, Jordan, Rainey, and Susan.


10 thoughts on “TTMT: 06 September 2017

  1. I just checked the tracking number and your package from me cleared customs on the 5th, so it took a week for it to get that far. You hopefully will get it soon.


    1. It arrived today! They sure took their time with it 😀

      Thank you so much! They’re lovely – I’ll definitely find a home for them in things that I make! The card is pretty too… did you make it? Red is one of my favourite colours so it’s perfect 😀


  2. Those blocks look like they will make really cute quilts for the Linus Project. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    Good ideas for using the linen towels. I like the sheep fabric, but I’m a lover of bright, in-your-face colors.

    So glad you got the birthday fabrics. What a nice variety!

    Hope to see you soon!


    1. I think they’ll make nice quilts too, though there are some kind of dull looking blocks… I just need to surround those ones with some brighter colours so they don’t get too dour looking.

      I like the sheep too, but I think I’d like it better if I’d made it into 4 smaller stretched pieces rather than the one large one. It feels like it needs room to breathe 😀

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  3. You should get my package soon I only posted last week sorry again its so late.

    Love the tea towel its great that you have Irish in your family because you can celebrate St Patricks day which is always fun ,

    Loving the blues and greens of your quilt blocks.


    1. Don’t worry about it Vicky, it’ll get here when it gets here! 😀

      Around here everyone celebrates St Patrick’s Day whether they’re Irish or not… you pretty much just have to be fond of going out for beer.


  4. Good news you got the right fabric. I just mixed the card/bookmark up! Oh my my life is crazy at the moment. Love the blocks for the quilts. I think it’s so sweet that you are doing that to help others. I so love the sheeps. Both are very beautiful.


  5. You have the same idea I do. I know I can’t get a quilt done to send to Linus Connection in Texas right now, but I figure they may be short of blankets for October-December for their usual distributions, so I plan to send at least one blanket then (can’t promise it will be a quilt). Those blocks will make a great quilt (or quilts!). Once you get them all together it will seem totally different than you expect.

    Love the linen towels. I have a set of placemats my parents brought back from Fiji that I want to make into something. I am thinking maybe reusable grocery bags… not sure yet. Those are great types of souvenirs. I like yours better than your sisters. It will make a great cushion.

    So glad you can use the fabric. It was really the only thing I had enough of that I thought you might like. I haven’t had time to shop (at least not when the shops are actually open) and I don’t like ordering stuff online because you never get a feel for the true color, so I’ve been pulling all my fabrics for this swap from my stash.


    1. I sort of wish I had a serger so that I could make fleece blankets – that’d be much quicker than a quilt – and they always seem to have remnants at the fabric place nearest me and lots of children’s prints and superheroes and that sort of thing. But I’m not sure how clean of an edge I’d manager with just my regular sewing machine 😀 Ah well… it’ll be good to get some of these blocks used up!

      I love this kind of souvenir too .. better than a knickknack that’ll just get dusty (though my parents have given us some of those too and I did ask for a double-decker bus trinket from England, even though it’ll just be an annoying dust catch). And it’ll be useful for a long time! I just need to get it done! I like my dishtowel better too… my mom choose well for both of us.

      I’ve been trying to pull my fabrics from stash too, although I did wind up buying something online for you, since I didn’t really like any of my purples (or else liked them too much and didn’t want to share :D). Of course, I’ll probably change my mind before your birthday actually rolls around and I’ll want to send out something else instead.


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