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Playing with scraps TTMT #8 9-05-2017


4 thoughts on “Playing with scraps TTMT #8 9-05-2017

  1. I have never seen that method of piecing scraps before, but what a great way to get them all neat and ready to use as a border. Thanks for sharing that!

    Those two quilts are fun, and now they will have a home. Well done!

    Best of luck for riding out the hurricane. I know my friend in Key West decided to evacuate yesterday and now they are under mandatory evacuation. And now there is another storm right behind it. Stay safe!


  2. I saw your receipt tape tutorial. I’ve done something similar, but it’s been ages. So fun!

    We’ve been worried about all our friends out there in Florida. It’s an awful lot to take in right on the tail of Harvey.


  3. I watched your calculator tape video and that is something I’ve never seen before. Great way to use up scraps for making borders, or whole quilts or whatever. I like that you’re using the shirt fabrics to make a pillow for your son.

    The two baby quilts are very nice. Congratulations on the new grandbaby.

    Stay safe. Irma is scary. I hope all goes well. Please keep us posted.


  4. Love the quilts and the calculator role is inspired, i might just have to give that one a go.

    Hope your safe and that the storm passes you by.


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