TTMT Video

TTMT 9-5-17 PDP (Pretty Darn Productive)

The video is a bit dark but it is dusk here and my living room doesn’t have a ton of light.


4 thoughts on “TTMT 9-5-17 PDP (Pretty Darn Productive)

  1. What fun bibs!!
    I think you did a fantastic job on your applique block, and the santa’s belt block definitely just screams santa. Great blocks!

    What great quilts, that’s a great way to use up strips, too. I love doing a quick QAYG that way.

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  2. You feel free to be the most obnoxious Nana ever! I love seeing all the sweet baby things you’re making. It’s lovely to see how excited you are. 🙂

    Thank you so much for making quilts to send. The outpouring of love has been amazing!


  3. I love listen to you talk about being a Grandma , never apologise for being so interested in your little ones life , its a blessing that you of course want to share with your quilty friends. I love all the baby stuff it makes me feel a little like having another one , and then i remember the sleepless nights and nappies and decide to life vicariously though you.

    Love the Santa block to.


  4. Don’t worry about being too proud a Nana… not possible! It’s fun to see how excited you are 😀 Have they found out if they’re having a boy or girl yet? I’m just catching up on videos, so maybe you’ve talked about it already and I’ve just missed it.

    Your Christmas blocks look good!


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