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TTMT #437 – Quilt Therapy

It was a crazy week of social media and email responses for The Linus Connection. Find out more about our efforts to collect quilts & blankets for children affected by Hurricane Harvey here.

Swappers – it’s time to mail your September swaps!


rainbow cascade badge.jpgFabric amounts were posted yesterday. Pattern post next week!




7 thoughts on “TTMT #437 – Quilt Therapy

  1. So productive! All your quilts look amazing. I’m always impressed with how you are able to pull such different blocks together into a cohesive quilt.

    I want to make quilts to send you for Harvey, but you know how slammed I am, so I am going to try to get extra blankets made between now and the end of October so I can send some to you for your Lionus group in case they are short of blankets for their regular deliveries due to all the blankets provided for Harvey. Won’t guarantee a specific number, but I have goals in my head that I am going to do my best to achieve.


    1. No worries, I know how crazy your life has been just recently. There’s no way I would have finished three if two hadn’t already been tops and the third wasn’t already blocks that just needed piecing. This puts me at 13 for the year, but I’ll do more if I can between now and the next meeting. I’ve got a few more sets bagged up for myself so I can “just add water” and have another top to quilt. *hugs*


  2. You really powered through those three quilts! Good on you! I imagine there will be so much to do over the next months with donations.

    I’m hoping I’ll get some things in the mail for you before too much time passes.


  3. The three quilts are wonderful. Those are not blocks I sent, but whoever contributed them probably never invisioned them as such a bright, happy beautiful quilt.

    I checked with USPS tracking and the quilt and blanket are scheduled to be there Thursday.


    1. Hmm, if those blocks didn’t come from you, they might have been from a local friend. I have had so many come through my hands, I lose track!!

      Thank you for sending blankets! I look forward to receiving them. They will probably go out in a delivery this weekend.


  4. You are like a quilting machine this week , wow . Don`t forget to take time out for you as well. Love the colours you put together xx


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