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TTMT #236 – jewells68 – September 5, 2017 – Hurry, Hurry!

Just popping in to show a nearly finished Linus quilt and my latest turtle block. Hopefully more to show next week!


12 thoughts on “TTMT #236 – jewells68 – September 5, 2017 – Hurry, Hurry!

  1. Cute idea for the quilting on that candy quilt. I really want to try a big spiral like that someday, but… well, someday.

    That sea turtle is great!

    Looking forward to seeing your other quilted Linus projects.


    1. I am loving using up my scraps on the sea turtles.

      I wanted to get the candy quilt done quickly, so I used my darning foot and just did the spirals without a guide of any sort, which you can definitely tell, but I think it’s fun and a kid won’t care if the spirals aren’t perfect. They’ll just see all the yummy candy and bright colors. It’s now bound and labeled and ready to wash, so tomorrow I will try to get as much quilting done as possible on the southwest orphan block quilt. I’m only about a qtr of the way through with the quilting on that one. Each block is different, so I’m just winging it quilting on each block differently.


      1. Sounds like the Southwest quilt will a fun one too, quilting-wise. That’s another thing I want to try, being more adventurous about what quilting gets put where. I love that you just go for it!

        The spirals on the candy quilt are a bit wobbly, but
        1. done is better than perfect
        2. washing hides a multitude of sins
        3. a kid is going to love it
        4. it’s pretty fun anyway 😀


        1. Yeah, I’m just trying to get DONE with southwest orphan block quilt at this point. I have one more block to quilt and then all the sashing and borders. I’m going to be cutting it close. Might have to stay up late Friday to get the binding done. Then I still have to wash both quilts. I might throw the candy quilt in by itself tomorrow morning so I know for sure it’s ready to go.


  2. love the quilting on your candy quilt, very fun. I cant wait to see all the turtles together when your done. I know its going to look amazing. Don’t forget I do share a birthday month with suzy. Crazy to think I’m going to be 35 soon.


    1. I realized I’d missed Susan after I recorded. I will be sure to mail them both on the same day!
      I love the turtles. Once I have these two Linus quilts ready to wash (candy quilt is quilted and labeled!) I can get back to my turtles. Still need to make 8 more!


  3. Really cute candy quilt and great idea to quilt with the spiral. That just adds to the whimsy. Can’t wait to see the finished turtle quilt. Such a great block.

    Holy cow! I just realized I’m almost twice Rainey’s age! I’ll be 67 to her 35. Wow!


    1. Candy Quilt is bound and labeled and ready to be washed! Now to see if i can get the southwest orphans done in time… Tick tock… I realized after I recorded that I missed you Susan. Don’t worry, I’ll mail them both by early next week.

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    1. Yes, I remembered Susan after I recorded. I will get theirs mailed out no later than Monday. At least they are both domestic.

      I love the turtles, but I need to make many more. I’m starting to think I need to alternate something with them to get done more quickly, lol

      The spirals are fun and FAST.


  4. I love the quilts you have made and your spirals make me want to get my free motion foot out and have another go at doing something. Not sure I will go straight in with Spirals but you have to start somewhere right.

    Love the turtle and cant wait to see the finished quilt.


    1. I just keep telling myself, “Finished is better than perfect”. Sometimes I love how it turns out, other times… not so much. But it’s DONE.
      I am loving the turtles. Baby Sawyer is due to arrive by 9/15, but I will be lucky to get him a quilt by the time he’s a month old. And that’s ok. It will be big enough for him to snuggle into his school age years. I’m going to probably alternate piecing turtles and rainbow cascade blocks to keep from getting bored with either. This new company has been causing me serious ADD, I’m getting pulled in so many directions I can’t focus on anything.


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