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TTMT #235 – jewells68 – August 29, 2017 – Sudden Mojo

The Project of Doom in natural light, a new quilt top and blocks in progress. Stuff is getting done.


12 thoughts on “TTMT #235 – jewells68 – August 29, 2017 – Sudden Mojo

  1. I love, love, love your POD! Your turtles are awesome also. I think I’m going to try your idea of a disappearing 4 patch for a linus quilt.


    1. Thanks! I didn’t realize there was still so much batting lint on it, should have used the roller before I filmed.

      It’s the first time I’ve tried any of those “disappearing” blocks and it was easy peasy and super fast. I mean a 4patch is just the easiest, and this just added a few more cuts and stitching. I really like how good it works with a busy print and a solid. Kind of keeps it fun while also toning the print down just a bit.


  2. You have hit the mojo lottery this week! The turtle quilt is adorable, especially the great-grandma fabric! And the candy quilt is very cute as well. But that PoD! WOW! Totally in love with it. I really like the chunky bookcase feet. The backing fabric is great. I love everything about it.

    YAY YOU!!!


    1. I had a productive week last week and this weekend. Mostly this past weekend. This week I’ve done nothing but my video and work work work. I might mention that next week. Or not.


  3. Woo for your finished quilt top! The candy fabric came out super cute with the orange! I do hope you get a three day weekend to get it quilted.

    I’m so happy to see your Sea Turtles! It pleases me endlessly! The shirt fabric from your mom is so fun, too. It’s very oceany!

    PoD…YAY! I’m so so excited to see it outside. It looks absolutely gorgeous. I can’t imagine how good it feels to have it done after all this time! All the hand embroidery! And your fmq looks great. I love all the variety in quilting. Also, the scrappy binding! *is proud*


    1. It is so awesome to have the pod done. It’s not looking good for a 3 day weekend, but we are trying.

      I’ve been wanting to make the sea turtles for ages, so glad I made the decision to make sawyer’s quilt out of them


  4. The sea turtle is adorable. I love when you take us on little trips lol. Your PoD is gorgeous. You should hang it with pride and enjoy it.


  5. Glad you are feeling teh crafty MoJo and love love love your POD, mine is a wall hanging to and I just love your quilting. The sea turtles are great and it is so nice to have a piece of fabric in there that mean something to the family. I will eventually get around to making a quilt with my mums scarfs , i am just really scared it will suck.

    Great news on the Job front so glad its sorted now even if it does mean a busy couple of months.



    1. I have always loved that turtle pattern, so I decided this was the perfect opportunity to do something with it.

      I’m looking forward to hanging it up. Maybe early next week I will manage it. It’s been too crazy this week and stress levels are super high.

      It’s a job. So there’s that.


    1. I am so happy that it is done and that I have it hanging in my office. It helps me from getting too insane at work… it reminds my why I work which is for the tools I need to make things that make me happy.


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