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TTMT #71 Block 3 & 4 I Wish You A Merry Quilt Along

Here is some links to blog posts talked about today.

My post for block 3,

Designers post for block 3;

My post for block 4;

Designers post for block 4;

6 thoughts on “TTMT #71 Block 3 & 4 I Wish You A Merry Quilt Along

  1. I’m having fun with this QAL. I’ll get started on these two a little latter in the week. (I was planning to start in the morning but something came up.)

    I like your blocks. The quilting on the Santa suit is perfect and the shiny ornament fabric is very nice.

    By the way, the dog is fine. He just got out and was running around the neighborhood. One of the neighbors recognized him and got him home safe and sound.


  2. The xmas blocks are very cute. I really like the different quilting you are doing on each one, and am looking forward to seeing how you put them all together when it’s over.

    Oooh, FBQAL2! I look forward to me facebook feed being full of FB blocks. 🙂

    As Suzy said, thanks to social media the woner was able to get his dog back. The dog had escaped from their enclosed porch. Maybe he was just planning to feed other dogs in need. 😉


    1. We heard the story of the dog here in Florida. What they told us was he was an older dog owned by an older gentleman. When the storm was over the elderly dog went off and found himself a bag of rations and the photo was taken by a women as he was headed home. The owner said the moral to the picture is that no matter how old you are or what you’ve been through you can still find a way to take care of yourself or others. Everyone in Texas has banded together to help each other out. So heartwarming.


  3. I am loving your Christmas blocks and cant wait to see the fantastic beasts blocks although I probably need to get mine quilted before I take on more xx


  4. All the Christmas blocks are just lovely. What a sweet quilt along! I love that you appliqued your ornaments through all the layers. Lovely!

    All the hurricane stories have been overwhelming. We’re just outside of the heavily affected area, so a lot of relief efforts are going on here. It’s pretty much all I’ve thought about!

    The story I heard about the dog with the bag of food is that he left his house and came back a day later with the food. He’s back with his human now.


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