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TTMT #436 – Rainy Days & I’m Okay

A whole lot of fun stuff is coming up!

Edited to add: Quilts for Hurricane Harvey Evacuees



8 thoughts on “TTMT #436 – Rainy Days & I’m Okay

  1. I’m so glad you guys are okay. My heart breaks for the folks in Texas.

    I am so looking forward to Rainbow Cascade. I am trying hard to clear up some of my stash, so having a stashbuster quilt is GREAT! I’m participating in the Merry QAL with Vanda and I’m using my Christmas stash.


  2. Stashbusting is certainly something I’m trying to do. I only hope I’ll be able to keep up with this one, but since it’s the same block, it will kind of seem like I am, lol

    I don’t have any kids quilts finished, so the only way I can help right now is donate money to the red cross and share your post for other quilter friends. I’ll share it on our Project Linus email group as well.


    1. I have already discovered that I don’t have a lot of actual orange. Uh-oh!

      I have two tops finished and got backs pieced yesterday. I’m hoping to get them quilted and bound in between other things. Red Cross is a great way to go. They had volunteers on the ground almost immediately and have fed and sheltered a lot of people.


  3. Glad y’all are safe. Hurricanes especially ones this strong that just sit off the coast are so devastating. I’ve lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida for 35 years and I know we couldn’t survive without the amazing volunteers from the Red Cross. We had two tropical waves swirling around us last week dumping over 16.5″ of rain in just three days and the local Red Cross was out in the flooded areas before the rain even stopped.

    I won’t be sewing with you guys for the rainbow along but I will be following everyone’s progress. I love seeing how people interpret the same block.


  4. I am so glad that you guys are okay and praying for your state and all the people who have lost everything. My little boy wanted to include all the people of Texas in your prayers and we wish we could do more from so far away.

    Looking forward to the rainbow cascade , only a few more days until I can pick my fabrics , I am hoping to make this a scrappy quilt and use up the many scarps and stash I have.



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