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TTMT the 117th with dozmuffinxc

7 thoughts on “TTMT the 117th with dozmuffinxc

  1. Good job on the curtains. They are a nice fairly instant gratification project. I’m been meaning to make new ones for my project room for ages.

    Good luck this weekend. I didn’t see any protesters at Pridefest this year (ours is in June) but I wasn’t at the parade since I had a previous commitment that morning. Hoping I can do the parade next year. I hope it’s peaceful.


  2. The valance is really nice; should look great on that lavender wall.

    The sign is way cool! I hope all goes well at the Pride March. Wish I could be there to cheer you on!


  3. I love seeing you in your newly organized craft space!

    Ah, sweet curtains! I do like them. How fun that you get to have an accent wall!

    Pride in Austin was postponed due to Harvey and the rain we got from the edges of that. I saw your photos on IG. They were fantastic.


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