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TTMT 8-22-17 Plus One

Pardon the long video.  If I knew how to edit out the mumbling and ummming and hemming and hawing, it would only be 5 or 6 minutes tops!



12 thoughts on “TTMT 8-22-17 Plus One

  1. I love how your baby pod finished up, what a good idea to make the backing with blocks of all the different Harry Potter fabrics. And the Log Cabin quilt is gorgeous, love the colors and the sunny sunflower in the middle.

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  2. That’s going to be one well-supplied little one. 🙂 Everything you’re making looks great, and that baby PoD just gets better and better.

    THANK YOU for the snap tabs. What a huge surprise! I didn’t cry, I was just cutting onions or something when I got them. 😀

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  3. Aren’t the kids fabrics so cute? There’s so many great options out there. Ahh…. that bambi is so cute!

    Cute trees! It’s fun watching you and Vanda reveal your blocks.

    That’s a fun quilt block with all those Harry Potter prints.

    The quilt for Sarah looks really nice… it turned out well!

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    1. I went a little bit overboard on buying flannels – just so much cute stuff!!

      The Merry QAL is fun. I’m going to get to try some different skills and that is always a good thing.

      I got the idea for piecing the back of the Baby PoD from Robin.

      I’m really glad Sarah likes her quilt. She’s had a rough time lately and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have it.


  4. Sarah’s quilt is just so lovely. She looks so happy with it, too.
    Great idea for using the layer cake, that’s an awesome back for your baby pod.
    That kid is going to have a bib and burp cloth for every hour of the day, way to go nana!
    I am enjoying see yours and Vanda’s blocks for the xmas qal. Fun stuff!

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  5. Well what’s a nana to do when her daughter-in-law says she can’t make but 1 baby quilt!!!! So it’s bibs and burp cloths and probably a diaper stacker and maybe a swaddler and quite possibly some ebroidered onesies and . . .


  6. Your Christmas blocks are coming along nicely. I love a red and green Christmas quilt.

    The back of your baby PoD is amazing! I love how you organized the pieces. It will basically be a reversible quilt.

    Lots of wonderful baby things. When it comes to burp cloths, bibs, and receiving blankets a new mom can never have enough. Swaddlers are also a welcome gift.

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  7. I do love all the sweet baby things you’ve been making. You’re going to be a wonderful Nana!

    I love seeing how TTMTers inspire each other! The back of your quilt is just too cute for words.

    All of your quilt finishes are just so inspiring. I love seeing them done, done, done!

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