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TTMT: 23 August 2017

I think I kind of look drunk in this screen shot. Thanks, YouTube!

So there’s no pattern for the cushion cover, you just cut into a piece of fabric, insert a strip, sew it back together, and then do it again from the other side. It’s all made with scraps, except that the border/binding is Kona Fog and the background of the cushion is a Cotton and Steel print that was nearby when I was trying to decide what to back this cushion with. Instructions for quilting the paisley feather motif can be found here.

Anyway, I forgot to mention it, but I have received my Birthday FQ from Jennifer! I haven’t opened it yet, though, because I’m one of those people who makes people wait til their birthday or Christmas or whatever and it’s four more days… Next week if I get another video up, I’ll share.


10 thoughts on “TTMT: 23 August 2017

  1. I hope you get the birthday package from me by your birthday. It was mailed on the 19th. I have the Custom # if you need it.

    Everything you make is so crisp looking; and the quilting on it is great.

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    1. It might get here before then, but no worries if not! I suspect most of them will be late anyway. Depending where it’s coming from, I get mail from the US anywhere between 5 and 14 days.

      I am sometimes a perfectionist when I am sewing… I like them to look nice and crisp (though I don’t always have the patience for that!).


    1. Haha.. it’s a little too true! I always want to use more of my stash, but I definitely buy faster than I sew! (Today I went looking for a couple of specific fabrics which I didn’t think I’d find and didn’t,… but I did come home with a quilt kit!)

      The only trouble with the wonky cross is keeping the bars that are cut through more or less in line, but I didn’t worry about it when I was sewing them together.


  2. Oh man, YouTube….how many hours of my life has that taken up. While I’m waiting around the house I’ve ended up watching stuff like The Big Fat Quiz of Everything, Travel Man, Escape to the Country, Doctor Who con panels, Honest Trailers, etc. I need to find things I can work on while I watch, at least.

    I love the color combination in that pillow, and the pattern’s interesting.

    Your birthday package will get there sooner or later, I have no idea how long it takes for something to get from the boonies to where you are. 🙂

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    1. If you like Big Fat Quiz, you might also like 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown… a lot of the people from Quiz show up on Cats does Countdown too, so the humour is similar and there’s the game show bit as well. It’s way better than real Countdown, though definitely a lot more off-colour 😀

      The birthday thing will get here when it gets here .. mail is always exciting, so I’ll keep an eye out!


  3. As usual you have many things up in the air. Your cushion came out really lovely. I have been doing better lately about not buying fabric, but it is ALWAYS a temptation

    I got a delivery confirmation so you should have my pkg now. I hope you like it. Mine have been lame compared to everyone else, but I’m trying to stick to everyone’s wish list as much as possible without buying new fat quarters, because if I go to the fabric store I will buy more than just what I need!

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    1. I have gotten it! It arrived last friday! I opened it on my birthday and it’s perfect – it’s going to work great in a project I’ll be working on in the next little while (I joined a quilt bee again… because I need more loose, random quilt blocks…).

      Edited to add: I think part of the fabric buying thing, for me, is that it lets me participate (sort of) in my favourite hobby, even when I don’t really have time to do anything with that hobby. But I hate the idea of just consuming fabric as a placeholder. I’m definitely better than I used to be, but when I fall off the wagon, I tend to REALLY fall off the wagon.


  4. I like your pastel quilt top. Even a pantograph would look fantastic on it.

    I’d seen the cushion cover on IG and really liked it then. It’s even better in a more 3 dimensional way.

    Enjoy your class. Sounds fun!

    Glad to know your FQ made it!

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    1. Thank you! I’m planning to get a panto done on that quilt.. something fairly large and open, maybe spirally somehow. We’ll see 😀

      Thanks re: the cushion cover too! I really love how it turned out… I need to take some decent photos to put on IG, since I never showed it finished. One of these days…


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