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No video this week, but an excuse!

I have done angered the crafty gods….or the muscle movement gods…or some higher power.

In the last two days alone, I have pinched a chunk out of my index finger…my LEFT index finger…(reminder: I’m a leftie)…split my cuticle to the point of needing a Band-Aid on my right middle finger…going almost one night without sleep….and the next night, I slept 12 hours, but managed to wrench my back (didn’t do that while hauling a metric ton of babies up and down stairs and all around the place, but did it in my sleep (I don’t move in my sleep)…

In other news, if I mentioned my friend in hospital, she had her baby on Monday. Tiny wee one, but she and baby are doing well…so sweet relief there.

Bought some new yarn tonight to celebrate new baby’s birth and have given self a RIDICULOUS deadline…especially with owie back and everything else, but hoping it will loosen up the back and get my sew-jo back and I can sew this weekend!!!!
*boogie dances and adds a butt wag*

❤ Stay crafty!



5 thoughts on “No video this week, but an excuse!

  1. Yikes, take care of yourself. I have pulled a muscle in my back rolling over in bed, getting out of bed, I hate when I get those kind of injuries because people ask what you did and you’re like “I moved and pulled a muscle”.

    Feel better lady! Find that Sewjo!


  2. I blame all your injuries on the eclipse! So sorry about all the owees – especially the back. Sure do hope it gets all better soon!

    Congratulations to your friend on the new baby!

    Take care of you!!!!


  3. I am so glad I knew you meant Cabbage Patch babies or that would have been a “what? why babies, why?!” Hehe.

    I’m sorry for all the ouchies. That seems to be going around. *blows kisses at boo-boos*

    New baby and new baby project, yay!


  4. Ouch! Stiff backs and crick necks from sleeping are always frustrating and painful. Hopefully it will ease soon. Times like that I always wish we had a hot tub but my trusty heating pad is much easier to maintain.

    I love new baby projects! They always brighten my mood.Looking forward to seeing what you make.


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