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TTMT #6 RsIslandCrafts – Robin 08-22-17


There were lots of errands and chores last week so I wasn’t quite as productive but I am happy with what I accomplished with the little time I had. I am just thrilled that the MQAL I joined is close to wrapping up. If y’all hear me talking about joining another mystery quilt along someone please give me a swift kick in the butt. I’ll stick to the one or two blocks a month style of mystery and leave the whole quilt type to the Bonnie Hunter fans. I can’t handle the stress lol.


11 thoughts on “TTMT #6 RsIslandCrafts – Robin 08-22-17

  1. I like the mystery quilt; the scrappy look is great. And that Christmas quilt is coming along beautifully as well. I like the straight line in the colors and meandering in the white areas.

    The socks are looking good too. When I was crocheting and knitting, I never worked up the nerve to make socks. I admire people who do and always enjoy seeing the handmade socks.

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    1. Thank you! I’m pleased with how the mystery quilt turned out too. I love using up scraps.

      When I taught myself to knit I read somewhere that a new knitter should make socks as one of their first projects. Knitting socks is supposed to teach you the basics of knitting. So I made toddler socks but I used worsted weight yarn. After just one pair they did teach me a lot about knitting socks. It took me a bit but I enjoy knitting socks now except when it feels like I have working on the same pair forever. lol


  2. The mystery quilt looks like it was a great way to use up scraps, and it came out really fun and colorful.

    I really like the quilting choices you made on the xmas quilt. They are a nice contrast to each other.

    Love the sock. That’s a nice colorway. I never did get the hang of toe-upe socks, though I tried using magic loop.

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    1. Thanks!
      I love the challenge of using up all the little bits of fabric left over from other projects.

      I like the contrast between the squiggly free motion quilting and the straight lines but those lines sure take a lot longer to stitch. lol

      I’ve knit socks both top down and toe up but I prefer the toe up because I can knit until I run out of yarn or patience 😉


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