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TTMT #435 – Lions, Take 2!

My tripod decided we’d have a weird angle for today’s video as it continued to list to one side. If I seem a bit distracted, that’s why. Sorry about that! 😉

In the video, I said something about driving to Dallas tomorrow. Tomorrow is actually today. I recorded on Monday. See above re: distraction. 😉


14 thoughts on “TTMT #435 – Lions, Take 2!

  1. Love the layout of the 2nd Lion KIng quilt! The background colour is just right for showcasing all those bold blocks.
    I can’t WAIT for Rainbow Cascade. QALs are toooooo much fun, and this design is beautiful!
    Well, judging by the pics, it looks like G had an amazing time at AFest! Both costumes are fabulous!


    1. Thank you! It was a matter of “what do I have enough of?” The fabric is sort of a sand color, which I thought would work. So far, so good.

      Yay, I’m excited that you’re excited!

      He did have a great time. 😊


  2. The Lion King 2 quilt is beautiful. I, too, love the neutral background fabric that just emphasizes the colors of the blocks. Well done! (As usual).

    G looks great in his cosplay costumes. Fantastic job by everyone involved – especially G. He could start a side business making accessories for cosplay costumes.

    I am REALLY looking forward to Rainbow Cascade. Looks like such a fun, colorful project. I’m all about colorful!


    1. I wasn’t 100% sure I’d like the sand color, but it’s what I had and I’m trying super hard to work from stash! Fortunately, I love the way it looks. 🙂

      Ah, thank you! He had a lot of fun working on his costumes. I did, too. 🙂

      The Rainbow is coming!


  3. I loved both layouts of the 2 Lion King quilts. this one will be an awesome linus quilt.

    Can’t believe it’s almost time for Rainbow Cascade! I think there will be loads of participation. It’s a gorgeous pattern.

    G did such a great job on his accessories.

    Safe driving! *glomps*


  4. It’s a busy time of year with everyone going back to school. Hopefully you’ll have a couple weeks where you can breathe and your house is empty before the holidays start up.


  5. The neutral background really works for the lions. And I loved both layouts. Someone is going to love this quilt.
    Absolutely can’t wait for Rainbow Cascade, have 2 bags of scraps all ready to go.
    Hope things settle down for you soon, so you can have some me time.


  6. The Linus lions look really great! That’s a fun neutral to use… kind of sandy or maybe even leonine. It’ll be a great quilt for a kid, anyway. That’s great your son’s friend loved his lion quilt.

    I don’t think I’m going to participate, but I can’t wait to see everyone’s blocks when they start working with you on the Rainbow Cascade QAL! It looks really great in the mock ups, so it’s going to be so much better in real fabric.

    Hope things settle down for you a bit again!


    1. I wasn’t sold on the neutral until I had the blocks pieced, but it’s what I had that seemed to work the best. I think a nice dark binding will really finish it off.

      Things are the opposite of settled, but they’ll get there!


  7. I love the second lion king layout and am so glad your sons roommate likes the quilt. No need to explain why you didn’t share the story , if someone needs a quilt it’s nice to be part of them getting one. Looking forward to rainbow cascade. Xxx


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