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TTMT #234 – jewells68 – August 22, 2017 – The Project of DONE

Yes, you read that title right… the Project of Doom is as good as done! *throws confetti* Once I get done stitching on the hanging sleeve it will be on to my great nephew’s quilt… he should arrive any day now.


14 thoughts on “TTMT #234 – jewells68 – August 22, 2017 – The Project of DONE

  1. Congratulations on both finishing the quilt and keeping your job!!!! YAY!!!
    I just finished the hanging sleeve on my POD 2015 and it is a sense of accomplishment.


    1. It’s been stressful but hopefully in a few months things will be calming down.

      Just finished the sleeve tonight. Have a few threads to bury and then it’s done done done!


  2. WooHoo the POD is done!! I agree it’s awesomeness needs to be seen by many, many people.

    Job stress is hard. I’m glad you don’t have to worry about that part while you are transitioning.


    1. Thanks so much! I am really loving the idea of hanging it in my office. I’m going to start rearranging as soon as things calm down a bit. I still need to get 4 command hooks and a dowel/rod. Once I’ve gotten photos taken outside and I’ve shown it off the my Project Linus group it will go straight on the wall.

      I have felt fairly confident about my job prospects, but am still very relieved not to have to be looking for work. Although I heard the severance pkgs were pretty good. I hope things to be back to relatively normal by the end of the year.


  3. The PoD is wonderful! Huzzah for finishing!!!!

    I totally understand the job stress. I worked for an insurance company for about 8 years and during that time it was sold 3 times. We had to wait for weeks to find out what jobs would go and which would stay. The third time it happened our supervisor told us that our department would be cut by 2 employees and she would let us know who by the end of the week. After that meeting I asked to speak to her and told her that I would gladly volunteer to be one of those to go. She said to me, “Well I don’t know about you Susan, but I need my job.” I answered that I needed a job too, but not necessarily that one. I was layed off and got 2 months severance pay and was able to sign up for unemployment until I found another job; which I got in just over a month. Turned out just fine!

    I love that you get to stay, and that you won’t even have to pack up stuff and move. Excellent. I hope you are very happy in your new job!


    1. I am so thrilled for this 6 year endeavor to finally be done. It’s truly a scrapbook of my development over the past 6 years. I love it so much.

      I have been working for these stations for just under 19 years, and this will be the 4th owners, so I’ve been through some of this before, but usually on the other side of it, being the group acquiring rather than selling. I would have been sad to be forced to leave, but I’m relieved almost every single coworker is still here. Frankly the current owners have downsized us to where we couldn’t function if they cut any more, so it will be nice to have fewer empty offices around the place. Some of which I’ve worked with before, so not all the new folks will be strangers. That’s nice, too


  4. Whooohoooo for finishing the POD. Project of Done, now that was funny. My words to Jennifer after finishing my pod was “After 9 months of working on the pod, I finally gave birth to the final quilt.” It has been 2 years since it is finished and the quilt has not left my bed (except to be washed off course) I love my pod.
    Hopefully things will settle down at work for you soon, and you can get rid of some of the stress.


    1. I can’t believe I dragged this project out over 6 flipping years. It took way too long, too many thingst kept kicking it out of line. Now it’s time to celebrate and make a baby quilt. Something quick and fun!
      I’m going to hang it because if I put it on the bed I will always be worrying about Pouncy cat kneading it with her razor claws. I will relax more if it’s on the wall and can’t be clawed or puked on by kitties. Which of course means I need to make one I CAN put on the bed.

      I hope work eventually calms down. It’s going to be months before we get everyone from the other building moved over and get the software all transferred and get all the data entry done and then get caught up with all the work. The problem with radio is it is a 24 hours a day 7 days a week business, and it just never stops. Oh well. At least I have a job. That’s more than some of my coworkers have. And I have my crafty friends to keep me crafting.

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    I’m so excited to finally see it. I’ve been dying to see it done. Yay for having done, done, done! I definitely want a follow-up of when it’s in your office.

    I have nothing but enormous hugs for you for the next couple of months. Of course, you already know this. ♥

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    1. It feels so good to be getting ready to hang it on the wall. Such a giant UFO from my ufo list to have done. Like such a relief!

      This place is so crazy but we’ll get things sorted and then it will be time to take a well-needed time off.


    1. I am so thrilled to have finished this quilt. 6 years is too long for a quilt to languish. I never want that to happen again!

      Yes, we’ve all been just hovering not knowing what was what. It’s really stressful and exhausting. And depressing. So I’m glad at least that part of the uncertainty is over. Benefits are not too great but I have a paycheck and will figure the rest out.


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