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TTMT the 116th with dozmuffinxc

Sorry for being a day late!

9 thoughts on “TTMT the 116th with dozmuffinxc

  1. So good to see you! Believe it our not our schools all started this Monday the 14th.

    Your wall hanging turned out really beautiful. Personally I would do the binding exactly like you did for a wall hanging, hand stitch to the back after machine stitching to the front. It’s not like it will be washed much or possibly ever. However, if you do ever want to completely machine stitch a binding on, machine stitch it to the back first instead of the front, and then top stitch on the front so that if your stitching shows outside the binding, it’s on the back, not the front. I do my Linus quilts this way so they are totally machine washable over and over. I even use a decorative stitch sometimes, and I am thinking next time of trying a blanket stitch for topstitching to the front after machine stitching to the back.

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  2. Wow, it turned out beautifully! I think the applique looks great, the stitches are just the right size to be seen and add to the design. Love the idea of quilting with beads…perfect for a wallhanging. I’m sure it will be much loved and appreciated,whichever wall it ends up gracing.

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