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TTMT 8-15-17 – Actually Posting on Tuesday

Five quilts completed so far in 2017; one more has been shipped from MSQC and should be here in a few days.  My goal was six quilts so I’m way ahead of schedule.  There will be at least two more completed and maybe more!

Boy was I tongue-tied in this video.

Athena’s Run will be in September at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons.  For those of you nearby, you are welcome to join Team Hot Pepper!



10 thoughts on “TTMT 8-15-17 – Actually Posting on Tuesday

  1. I love all the wonderful goodies you made. How absolutely wonderful!

    The PPV is soooo beautiful! I already loved your fabrics. The quilting is perfect, too! It is amazing to me that you’re even thinking of giving it away. ♥

    Of course you’re making baby things! How can you not?! Ha, the pepper fabric is fantastic!

    You really never know what you’ll get and what kind of little person they will be. Tiny fingers and toes in your future! 😉

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  2. Susan, I would love to have one of those snaptabs when you have time to do an extra one, and I can either pay you or make a donation to the Athena’s Run or whatever organization needs the money. I have your address and could go ahead and send something…let me know. I’m not sure if you can send private messages here or not.

    Love all the goodies for the survivors! They deserve it!

    Pepper baby things…too cute. 🙂 🙂

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    1. I’ll be glad to send you one and I don’t want you to send me a thing! Please! If you want to send a donation to Athena’s Run, you can but it is absolutely not necessary. I have your address and will put one in the mail to you this week.


  3. Your PPV quilt is beautiful. I love the colors. I’m sure if you can bear to part with it whomever wins it will love it. They’ll also like the snap tabs and tissue holders. You’ve used some lovely fabrics. The tissue holders are a nice way to use up some of those chunks of fabric we all have hanging around.

    I love seeing baby stuff. The new little one will be able to make all kinds of messes for mom and dad to clean up lol.

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  4. If all goes well expect a phone call in the am from me. I love everything you have made for the race. So sweet for you to make that quilt and do a drawing for it. You have such a big heart. We cant wait to know what baby pepper is I think boy. So happy for you. Please make sure that we get at least one video with baby pepper. Talk to you in the am.


  5. Your PPV is just beautiful, and your binding pulls both the back and front all together perfectly, so don’t worry about the back not “matching”. Anyone would be so fortunate to win such a quilt.

    So many things for the baby, how cute! That grandbaby is going to be so loved, that’s for sure.


  6. Your PPV is gorgeous!!! And I love all the baby things you are making!!

    Your generosity is truly a beautiful thing to see.

    *hugs you tight*


  7. Wow… you’ve been getting tons of things done! (Or had been… I guess this is an old video ;-))

    I like the quilting on the PPV .. nice all-over pattern! That’s a really sweet idea for the quilt, if you wind up donating it for a survivor’s draw (and if not, well, you’ve done a lot of donation pieces already!). The quilt looks really wonderful – such fun prints!

    Fun bibs/burp clothes etc 😀 That baby is going to be well-supplied by Grandma!


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