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TTMT #5 I have a visitor again 8-15-2017


I am feeling very accomplished this week. I managed to finish a couple projects and that always makes me feel energized.




9 thoughts on “TTMT #5 I have a visitor again 8-15-2017

  1. It’s going to be really fun to see the mystery quilt all put together. I love the way you used scraps in it.
    The socks turned out great. I still have enough sock yarn in my stash to make at least a few pairs, I should do that one of these days.
    Nice quilt finish! And I love the chevron quilt. I love that look in fabric prints as well. especially as a strip in the middle of a solid space.

    Looks like your mojo is back with a vengeance!

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    1. Thanks! My mojo is definitely back and this time of year that’s a good thing.

      Sock yarn has many uses if you don’t want to make socks. I like to use fun colored sock yarn to make stuffed animals especially if it’s bright colors. I already chose another skein of yarn to make socks for myself. I really like how hand knit socks hug my foot and they’re warm but not too hot for the winter.


    1. Thanks! Good thing I was productive last week because this week was spent running around town and not getting much accomplished.


  2. Never worry about what level of productivity you think you have. My sew-jo has been dodging me for MONTHS. I blame genealogy. I think you got a LOT of stuff done. I mean WOW, I don’t know that I could have finished that much myself!

    Love your work. 🙂


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