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TTMT #433 – Warhol Meets The Lion King

Lion King finish! I couldn’t love this quilt more! ♥

Gracie King/Queen video from the manufacturer. Not a paid endorsement, I just love my frame and this is better than my rambling about it. 😉

In this video:





9 thoughts on “TTMT #433 – Warhol Meets The Lion King

  1. The Lion quilt is stunning! It’s going to be well loved.

    You make so many quilts I can totally understand the need for a quilting frame. Quilting on a domestic is tough on the shoulders and is always a wrestling match.

    Looking forward to seeing the Stephen King blocks. I might even try making one or two.


  2. Love the Lion King quilt!!!! Somehow must have missed the message about the label…no worries, it’s tough to keep track of all those blocks. I wouldn’t be able to do it. You’re so generous and we’ve got a very generous group!


  3. The lion king quilt is amazing and is making me want to do a quilt a la warhol blocks. I just love how it turned out.

    I am bummed that the SR2 frame is discontinued. I may go the route of the Hinterberg though I would prefer a metal frame here because it’s such a dry climate I worry about a wood frame drying out. Unless I get a windfall and buy an SR2 before they get all crazy with pricing. Maybe something new is coming to replace it.

    Looking forward to seeing the keyblade. I remember the one you made, it was pretty cool.


    1. The irony of your statement is that I worried about a wood frame warping from the humidity! I have a dehumidifier on the floor right beside it.

      His keyblade is much more accurate than the one I made. It gave the idea, but he’s nailed the details. It’s pretty impressive!


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