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TTMT #4 The week I had 29 finishes


I decided to force my crafting mojo back. I pulled out Robbie’s socks and made myself sit there and work on them for a couple hours no matter how I felt about knitting at the time. It worked! I was able to add a couple inches to the socks, finish a shawl, and get some sewing done too. Good thing too because I have a long list of wips that need finishing.


7 thoughts on “TTMT #4 The week I had 29 finishes

  1. One day if you’ve not got much to show, I’d love to see those minis on the wall behind you! I like that wavy stripe on the socks. Lovely.

    Oh… love the colour of that shawl. That dark purple is so luscious.

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  2. Wow! When you make up your mind to get your mojo back, you do it with a vengeance! The socks are coming along nicely and I do love the color of the shawl. But that baby quilt is going to be gorgeous! But my fave thing of all are all the burp cloths! They are wonderful! I will get busy on some of those when I complete the tissue holder project I have going. I have to admit that I went a little bit overboard with buying flannel, so there are burp cloths and more wipes in my immediate future.

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    1. New babies always need lots of duplicate things. Flannel can be used for so many things. Burp cloths, wipes, and receiving blankets just to name a few. Plus, those of us who have gone through the newborn phase a time or two know that tiny little babies can sure be messy. They are going to need lots and lots of wipes and burp cloths. Not only will they go through a lot a day no new mom wants to do laundry every day.

      Here is the pattern I used in case you want to see different styles:


  3. You kicked that mojo in the behind and got it moving! I have been doing that the last couple of nights after work and dinner. Sometimes you’ve just got to force it through to get over a blockage.

    So many burpcloths!! Those will be great to have on hand for baby shower gifts. The shawl is lovely and the socks are coming along nicely. Since watching your videos I have been pondering starting a new knitting project but can’t decide what to start. It’s too hot to work on blankets, maybe i will knit an earwarmer/headband with some sockyarn for when it gets cooler.

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    1. I have a feeling the burp cloths are going to fly out of the house. I made several for my daughter’s friends previously and they talk about them all the time. I love getting feedback like that so I know what to keep making and what to skip. I didn’t start sewing until my youngest was in school. I would have loved hand made burp cloths and bibs when my guys were babies.

      I like having a small knitting project on hand for doctor’s visits and other times when I’m stuck waiting somewhere. I’ve thought about making headbands for our nieces but I’ve just never done it.

      This headband is always a popular knit:


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