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TTMT the 115th with dozmuffinxc

Guess who’s back from a month in China?? I’ve missed you guys! I’ll be using this handle here on WordPress since I already have an account, but I’ll make sure to label my entries with “dozmuffinxc.”

5 thoughts on “TTMT the 115th with dozmuffinxc

  1. What an amazing roommate! She must really enjoy organizing.

    Depending on how dirty the cross stitch fabric is you should be able to clean it with soap and water. If it’s really dirty and you don’t think it will wash out you might want to try cleaning it before you get any further with your stitching. It wouldn’t be fun to finish all that work and then have a big dirt stain on it. If you’re using DMC floss it should be colorfast but you never know some of the colors might run. I tend to just finish the project and soak it in warm water and Dawn dish soap. Swish it around a bit and maybe change the water a couple times. There’s lots of info online about cleaning cross stitch projects.


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