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TTMT #2 Another slow week


I spent time in the craft room this week but I don’t have much to show for it. The mystery QAL I’m working on has a strange to me way of writing directions and they don’t always show pictures or give finished block measurements. This weeks clue had a couple new to me blocks that took me a few days to get figured out and made. I picked up my son’s socks again and I started a new Hocuspocusville block.



4 thoughts on “TTMT #2 Another slow week

  1. I had a good friend that did a mystery quilt some time ago and she told me it was way too stressful and she’d never do it again!

    The Project of Doom was originally a mystery quilt along. I released a block at a time. By the second block, everyone knew it was a bookcase quilt, but not what was coming. Not quite the same as a traditional mystery, but still fun!

    Oh, the socks are great! Socks are real magic to me!

    Love the sweet pouch. I don’t know if you’ve tried by now or not, but one way to get rid of the noticeable zipper ends is to figure out how long you the finished zipper, cut it a bit short and then add fabric tabs on the end that you sew in when you sew the zipper in place. It definitely softens things up.


  2. Thank you for catching up on all my videos Jennifer.

    I have made pouches in the past with the little tabs on the ends and that works nice for larger pouches but with something this small I think it would make the opening a bit too small. That’s one of the hard parts with coin pouches – there just isn’t much room.

    Even though this mystery quilt along hasn’t been too bad I doubt I will join another anytime soon.


  3. I love how your “slow week” has like 10 times what I can possibly get done in a week.

    I need to make some potholders too. My daughter could use a few in her new place at school.

    I don’t know how you get so much done in a week. You are making progress on the socks. I need to use up my sock yarn or give it to someone who will use it. I just don’t knit as much anymore. I do like magic loop although the last few things I’ve knit in the round I’ve gone ahead and done on bamboo dpns.

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  4. I think we all feel like someone else is getting more done than we do. Now that my kids are all out of school and off on their own I have some extra time.

    My youngest son Robbie has become addicted to hand knit socks. The problem is he has size 14 wide feet. They take a bit longer to knit than my size 9. I started knitting socks last year and I try to keep a pair on the needles at all times. I think I’ve finished 15 or 16 pairs so far. I would be too afraid of breaking bamboo sock needles, they’re just so thin.


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