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TTMT – #0.5 – Intro


Here is my simple intro and some chat about my recent finish. My youngest, Robbie, is leaving for Army Basic Training next month and I wanted to get his graduation quilt done before he left. Even though we are in the middle of a hot Florida summer he still likes to lay under a quilt. Between two fans on high and the AC he does keep his room nice and cool at night.


9 thoughts on “TTMT – #0.5 – Intro

  1. I love Robbie’s quilt. I love how personal it is with all the little bits and pieces from his life. The red plaid binding is fantastic, too. The diagonal quilting really works to make it deliciously scrunchy!

    My son is 19 and he loved plaid, too. He was a little younger when he was into it, but for probably five or six years, it was all plaid!

    The pieced back is great. LOVE the Gryffindor scarf!

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  2. Thanks! Robbie’s quilt was a labor of love and I enjoyed every part of it. Even the frustrating parts. I feel that this is my style of quilting. Take a bunch of fabric or blocks and just figure out how they all go together.


  3. I love this quilt,. It’s so perfect as a memento of his life “Before Adulthood”. So many bits and pieces from down across the years. And I really love that you even used a couple of the pockets. The label looks perfect at an angle because of the diagonal quilting. I’m sure he will treasure that quilt.

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  4. I know your son is going to LOVE that quilt. It will be like wrapping up in memories every time he uses it. I love the organic feel of the quilt. And putting the pockets on there was sheer genius!

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    1. Thank you! My son loved it!! I like quilts that are basically reversible. It’s not always fun making two quilt tops though lol.


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