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New kid on the block

Hey everyone! I’m Robin and I go by RsIslandCrafts most places on the internet. Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys. I’ve been hanging out by myself over on YouTube for about 8 months. I’ve been publishing podcast style videos twice a month but recently decided to try weekly. Right away I thought about the TTMT bunch. I love the quick style of videos y’all do .

Here’s a crazy video I put up this past weekend. It’s not my normal style but it was fun and you get a glimpse of the types of crafts I do. I promise the next one will be a little less crazy…hopefully.





8 thoughts on “New kid on the block

  1. It’s all good. I thought maybe my posts were automatically held for 3 posts and then released.

    I like a variety of crafts but I’m trying to narrow it down to just a few. Too many hobbies and I won’t have room for all the supplies!


  2. Hi Robin! Welcome and WOW! You are one multi-talented lady. Love the quilt and the beads and the knitting and everything. I look forward to seeing more of your work. And because of the “logjam” I don’t have to wait. Again, welcome.

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  3. You are juggling a lot of projects. I like your son’s quilt, and your knitting projects are looking good. I knit and crochet as well, myself, but right now I’m only sewing.It’s just to hot to play with yarn at the moment. The paper beads are cute. Are you just trying that out or are you working on a specific project? Guess I need to watch the rest of your videos and find out!

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  4. Thanks! Definitely too hot to play with big yarn projects. I have a couple afghans that are too big and hot to work on now but socks are manageable.

    I got caught up watching tons of videos on making paper beads and just had to play a little. I think some bead sets will go in my shop and some will be turned into tassel bookmarks for journaling. Some people use them in jewelry but mine aren’t quite there yet.


    1. I tend to get bored with just one project. I never know what I might want to work on each day.

      I don’t have exact plans for the paper beads bu most of them will probably go into my Artfire shop. I thought I might try making some fun tassel bookmarks for reading or journaling. Mostly I’m just having fun making them.


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