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7-18-2017 A slow week


4 thoughts on “7-18-2017 A slow week

  1. Fun, fun scrap blocks! I really like your color combinations.

    I’m looking forward to watching more and seeing how your Mystery quilt is coming along.

    Crab-Apple Hill quilts are so cute! I’ve seen the Halloween one made and it’s such a lovely finished quilt. I really like your colors.

    Your paper beads are gorgeous! No wonder love them so much!

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  2. Thanks Jennifer! I’m looking forward to seeing how all the mystery blocks go together too. Many of the other participants are using calm and warm colors so I think mine might stand out a bit lol.


  3. The mystery quilt is going to be fun and scrappy. It looks like it’s turning into churn dash blocks, but those segments could just as easily be going into a number of different traditional quilt blocks. Your scraps make them totally unique. Nowadays when I finish a quilt top or even just a block, if that’s all I’m making, like to test a block for someone or something, I will sort all my scraps by color and if they are at least a couple inches in size I will put them away in my scrap bins, which I have one for each main color. If I don’t clean up in between each project my project room becomes totally unusable.

    The paper beads are fun and the nice thing is that they are lightweight and not heavy.

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    1. We asked if the mystery blocks were going to be churn dash and they said nope. I think the next clue comes out tomorrow. I’m not very patient in situations like this lol.

      I’m still getting into the habit of cutting my left over fabric and putting it away neatly but it sure does make things easier. We have 3 cats so my craft room is always “clean”. I have lots of plastic bin and baskets that things get shoved into but I’m slowly getting things organized now that I have room to spread out a bit.


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