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Friends & I Wish You A Merry Quilt Along

Hullo everyone,

It has been awhile, again. But I have been a busy little beaver. “Lot’s to show in the coming weeks.


Facebook Group

My Blog Post with Pattern

Have a happy crafty week.



7 thoughts on “Friends & I Wish You A Merry Quilt Along

  1. Good to see your face! I’ve missed you but I did know how busy you have been. Your block is really pretty. I’m going to attempt it today. Applique is not my forte, but with your excellent tutorial, I hope I can get through it. If so, you’ll see it on my video later (as well as on the FB page and your blog.

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  2. I already commented on your post, your Christmas block is lovely!

    You’re such a busy lady! I’m always impressed by how many events you’re participating in. ♥

    I love your vague comments about The Thing That is Happening Next Year. As soon as I get kiddo 2 back to school, I should be ready to get going on it.

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  3. You are so busy, but very productive. I am looking to following along on the next FBQAL, although I probably won’t be making any of the blocks until later. I’m trying not to start anything new, although I have gotten to test the Rainbow cascade pattern and plan to at least make a lap throw sized version of that if I can manage it. I’ve got some personal things going on that are going to be a huge time suck over the next couple of months so I’m leery to commit to much right now.

    I love your snowflake. I definitely want to dive a bit into applique, it’s definitely on my “things to learn” list.

    The Thing That is Happening Next Year sounds so ominous. Looking forward to that. It’s going to be epic.

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  4. Love the appliqué design am very tempted to do take quilt but have another Christmas quilt planned . Although this would make a great frozen pilloq for my girl xx

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